Second life for Wouter Witzel tools in Ghana

The products of Wouter Witzel must meet high international standards, which is the reason we purchased new measuring tools recently. The old measuring tools still are in good condition and Wouter Witzel gladly provides the old measuring tools to a new destination. Colleague Alfred, from the assembly department, knew a good destination. Approximately 20 measuring tools will be sent to a technical school in Ghana.

Alfred is originally from Dromankese, Ghana. Recently there has been placed a well on solar energy. There are plans to start a technical training for young people as well. Alfred: “I am writing a project plan for the Ministry of Development. Previously, the government sent money to developing countries each year. Now the Ministry encourage people who are born in these countries to set up a plan for their birth environment.”

Together with a partner organisation in Ghana, Alfred will submit a request for financial support from the Ministry of Development. The Ghanaian Association of Twente is the partner organisation with which the drinking water project is established. They will participate in this new project as well.

Wouter Witzel is happy to contribute in this way to the technical development of this community in Ghana.