Wouter Witzel main supplier of Havyard MMC

Havyard MMC specializes in vacuum pumps, graders, plate freezers, cleaning systems and other machines used for fish processing ships.

In today’s market there are increasing critical demands, creating demand for reliable, high quality butterfly valves. This was the reason for Havyard MMC to approach Wouter Witzel.

Then, in June last year our butterfly valves have been standardized for the applications of the customers of Havyard MMC and they selected Wouter Witzel as their main supplier!

Recently Havyard MMC has placed several orders for various projects already;

  • Sølvtrans; for this Wouter Witzel supplied 235 EVTLS butterfly valves with a diameter of DN 80 to DN 800,
  • Bakkafrost; 110 EVTLS butterfly valves,
  • Namsos; more than 200 EVTLS duplex butterfly valves.