Wouter Witzel contributes to Dutch medals in Sochi!

In February 2014 the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia) started. Wouter Witzel has delivered approximately 80 valves and check valves for the cooling system of the Olympic speed skating oval, the Adler Arena.

This Adler Arena was designed to be “crystal-like” with stained glass windows and a band of transparent glass that enables spectators to see out of the building. The Canadian firm who was responsible for the Richmond Oval of the Vancouver Winter Games, consulted on the interiors with designer-builders Stroy International.

The reflective silver ceiling fabric keeps internal temperatures cool, as one of the important features of the venue. The foil-like material has been used on previous ice venues, but not in such a large quantity as here, in this 8,000-seat Arena.

For this ice skating rink a great tubing is constructed. A refrigerant flows through these tubes in order to create the ice. Achieving top times and Olympic records was very important for the organisation, which was highly dependent on the quality of the ice.

Looking at the results the ice was of good quality. Several Olympic records have been improved!