Wouter Witzel celebrates 50 years

In 2016 Wouter Witzel EuroValve BV celebrates 50 years of producing the highest standard of butterfly valves! Mr. Wouter Witzel designed the first vulcanized butterfly valve fifty years ago, still known today for its high quality and outstanding features. To celebrate this milestone, starting today, we are proud to present you with a 5 year guarantee on our rubber lined butterfly valve range, the EuroValve. Please click here for the terms and conditions of this Warranty.

Our customers purchase the EuroValve to reduce their operational costs. Down-time and maintenance expenses are reduced to an absolute minimum due to the products high quality and lasting performance. We are the World’s first manufacturer of industrial butterfly valves to explicitly guarantee the standard of quality with a 5 year guarantee! Please feel free to contact us about the terms of the guarantee, or come and visit our production facility to experience how we manage our production process.

You will be hearing more from us this year!