Speed skating oval Thialf equipped with Wouter Witzel butterfly valves

Wouter Witzel supplied almost 100 butterfly valves from DN 80 – 300 (EVBLS and EVBS) for the new speed skating stadium Thialf, which opened its doors for the first races last weekend. Installation company ‘Warmtebouw Utrecht’ laid the new ice-floor, which uses glycol as a cooling agent.

Over the years Wouter Witzel has built up an impressive set of references regarding ice-floors in speed skating stadiums, for example; Astana, Sochi (Olympic Games 2014), Kolomna and the old ice-floor in Thialf (2003). Bertus Butter, an expert in the field of ice skating stadium design, put forward our company because of the proven quality and the bonded to body vulcanised EPDM liner.

‘Warmtebouw Utrecht’ has to give 10 years of warranty. For Wouter Witzel there is no better evidence about the quality of our butterfly valves then the ones we supplied in 2003 and still function like they should.

Achieving top times and records is very important for the organisation, which is highly dependent on the quality of the ice. The new ice-floor of the Thialf stadium was used for an international speed skating event for the first time in December 2015. Looking at the results, the ice was of good quality. Several track records were broken during this first event.

2015-12-Speed skating stadium Thialf the Netherlands