In the Desalination market the ever increasing complexity of processes demands for butterfly valves to be extremely reliable and durable. Wouter Witzel offers a wide and affordable range for any application, including many products internationally approved for use in potable and industrial process water.


Our high quality butterfly valves are wear proof, vacuum proof, highly resistant to chemicals, and suitable for 500.000 cycles. Robust, maintenance free design, a vulcanized liner concept and a wide range of selected or specified materials make our valves a popular choice in many applications, including:


  • (Sea) water inlet systems
  • Reverse osmosis (membrane flushing and cleaning)
  • Membrane filtration (ultra filtration)
  • Disinfection (chemicals, ozone or UV)
  • Pumping and booster stations (on/off valves and control valves)
  • Transmission pipelines
  • Storage and reservoirs (on/off valves and control valves)
  • Brine disposal systems


Rubberlined Butterfly Valves

The Wouter Witzel butterfly valve is suited for various applications. For tailored to market needs such as reliability, no maintenance and long service life we have developed a complete range of industrial butterfly valves under the well-known brand of Wouter Witzel.

The unique bonded lining concept and profiled sealing design have improved the functional performance to a very high level, Long application experiences, continuous material research and innovation of efficient manufacturing technologies have resulted in an up-to-date product range.

Desgined in accordance with the latest international standards, our butterfly valves also meet environmental requirements. For many years our centric rubberlined butterfly valves have replaced conventional double eccentric valves or ball valves.

High Performance Butterfly Valve

We classify our high performance butterfly valve in two categories:

  • Dynaxe
  • Econaxe

Dynaxe excels in all markets where the process conditions are high pressure, severe conditions or abrasive media. This high performance valve is extremely durable, has an ultra long life time with low operating costs and meet the most stringent international standards.

Econaxe is a new range of double-offset butterfly valves for applications in various industries and is available in different types and materials. Econaxe is the most economic solution for high abrasive applications.


The Eurocheck valve is a maintenance free self acting pivoting check valve of the double disc wafer type. Special design features and carefully selected materials combine to make the Eurocheck a very reliable product at low operating costs.

This range valves is mainly used in water applications. Their compact design is space saving. Maintenance costs are low to nil and pressure loss has been reduced to an absolute minimum.


The Wouter Witzel philosophy for actuation is being able to supply, out of a wide spectrum of brands and types, the optimum solution for each specific case of valve actuation according to the requirements of different market segments and customers. In order to match the desired quality, specification and performance at the right price, we classify the actuators into three categories:

  • Economic
  • General purpose
  • Heavy duty