Drinking reservoirs water tower Enschede, the Netherlands

Butterfly valves for neighbourhood park around Water tower Enschede, the Netherlands

This year, the drinking water reservoirs of neighbourhood park “High and Dry” in Enschede (the Netherlands) will return to service after an extensive renovation. Shortly it will hold millions of gallons of water again.

The water tower was out of use for several years and the water reservoirs were dry for that time. Water company Vitens emptied the basins for a major refurbishment, which is required every 25 years. The last months the basins were polished and coated with a special paint.

At the water tower there are two reservoirs with two compartments each for the storage of drinking water. In total 10,000 cubic meters of water can be stored, as a buffer at peak times. The reservoirs are filled with drinking water day and night. During the day most of the water is used, which lowers the water level in the reservoirs. At night the stock is brought up again.

The water stored in these reservoirs comes from several locations in Enschede and from locations in the region.

The top of the reservoir is adapted as a public walk and play terrain. A third tank, the oldest one which is in the water tower, will be demolished in parts and removed.

For this project Wouter Witzel has supplied several butterfly valves and actuators in different sizes.