QHSE Policy

Our promise of quality

At Wouter Witzel we are not afraid to promise the best possible quality when it comes to products we deliver. This confidence comes with being our own manufacturer and thus being able to supervise the entire production process. But of course, promises are not enough. That is why we have formalised methods and procedures to prove and support our claims in this area.

First of all, we have put in place a Quality Management System (QMS). To meet the most stringent of requirements, this system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001. The ISO certificate serves as your personal quarantee of overall quality, technically as well as organisationally.

What it all comes down to is that our promise of quality is not an empty one. On the contrary; you can rest assured that we always live up to the highest standards.

We intend to be acknowledged as a QHSE leader in design, manufacture and deliver industrial butterfly valves. In line with the principles of sustainable development and meeting the needs of our stakeholders according to the AVK Group strategy.

Our Principles
  • We provide high quality products and services to make our customers successful and add value to our business.
  • We conduct our businesses with respect and care for the environment and without compromising the health and safety of people, whether employees, customers or citizens around the world.
  • We improve our business processes while meeting or exceeding legal or regulatory requirements and appropriate international standards.
  • We recognize that the competences of our employees are essential for understanding and fulfilling the needs of customers and other stakeholders.
  • We provide the necessary resources to achieve our objectives.