Production Processes

Production process

To guarantee the quality of the end products, the production processes undergo systematic inspections using calibrated instruments, statistical techniques and a sophisticated 3D measuring bench.

CNC machines with built-in measuring and correction systems ensure high, reproducible dimensional accuracy during critical procedures. After assembly, each product is tested in accordance with ISO standards to assess the operation, strength and tightness. Products are shipped with an 18-month guarantee on factory defects.

Highly skilled staff

Processes and process control are important elements that help determine the final quality of any product. However, there is another decisive factor that has not yet been mentioned; the people who make it all work. Wouter Witzel is proud to employ highly skilled professionals in the entire manufacturing process.

Our staff know their trade and are always keen to keep learning, both on courses and within their working environment. This ensures their knowledge is always kept up-to-date.

Their dedication extends to their employer as well; most of our people stay for many years at Wouter Witzel. Helping to build up the wealth of expertise that is one of our company’s distinctive traits.