PED 2014/68/EU

Butterfly valves according to PED 2014/68/EU

Wouter Witzel Declaration of Conformity PED EV Series

Wouter Witzel Declaration of Conformity PED ECV Series

Wouter Witzel Declaration of Conformity PED Econaxe Series

Wouter Witzel Declaration of Conformity PED Dynaxe Series


Partly Wouter Witzel valves come under the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED) and have to be marked accordingly with the CE mark. PED is a legal directive, directed on safety on behalf of the user and is operative within the EC according to the Dutch law “Wet op de gevaarlijke werktuigen”. PED has a large number of requirements that must be clearly complied to.

These requirements regard to the design with strength calculations, quotation and order handling, material suppliers, production process (especially welding processes), traceability of materials, marking, final inspection etc.

A Notified Body (NoBo), selected from the approved list of the EC commission, supervises the performance of the PED rules and requirements at the producer. Wouter Witzel has a certified QA system according to ISO 9001, and has as such permission to design and produce PED valves and to execute the final inspection (PED module H).

PED Categories

The PED requirements for valves and the correct marking depend on the assessment category lay out, the supplier is responsible for that the valves meet the requirements of the PED. Valves belonging to the “pressure accessories” are treated as “piping”. Depending on the application (a large number of applications do not come under the PED), classification will follow at one of the following categories: Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) or the categories I, II or III.

To be able to classify the valves the following information must be present:

  • Medium: liquid or gas (definition gas: if the vapour pressure is greater than 0.5 bar above normal atmospheric at the maximum temperature).
  • Medium group 1 or 2: group 1; explosive, flammable (max. temp higher than flash point), toxic and en oxidising, (EC directive 67/548/EEC) all others comes under group 2 (including steam).
  • The maximum allowable system pressure ( PS ) and temperature.
  • Nominal diameter DN.

A valve can be used for a lower category then were it is qualified for. If the customer requires only CE marking, the valve is classified at category I. The category classification must be stated clearly on the quotation / order.