New: grease free production

During regular assembly of butterfly valves various greases are used between the moving components. The grease is also applied to create a smooth and easy assembling between the disc and rubber lining.

In certain industries however it is not allowed for safety or quality reasons to supply butterfly valves containing any kind of silicons or grease.

Wouter Witzel is able to meet these high demands and is able to follow up the strict grease free procedure which means our skilled and dedicated people are assembling the Wouter Witzel valves according to the following handlings:
• Pre- washing program for all components to remove any kind of grease
• Check all components with black light for rest contaminations
• Clean all components before and after assembling & testing
• Ready to seal and supply grease free butterfly valves

Wouter Witzel is suppling fully grease free valves for example in Gas / Air compressors for the glass production industry and painting (car) industry