New blasting cabinet and overhead conveyor production process

A brand new blasting cabinet and overhead conveyor have been implemented at Wouter Witzels vulcanization department.

Before the houses can be vulcanized, all the possible rust and dirt have to be blasted off. The products need a certain level of roughness and cleanliness to guarantee a good base for the rubber and paint. In the old blasting cabinet this process took 20 minutes, the new blasting cabinet has more capacity and can blast the houses in 5 minutes while offering a better result.

The transport of the houses has improved significantly thanks to the overhead conveyor. The houses that have to be blasted, get supplied to the blasting cabinet by the overhead conveyor. Following the blasting process the houses get transported to the next step in the production process, where the bonding agent and the bearings are applied. This system is ergonomic, safer and more efficient. Last of all, an added advantage of the new system is that the vulcanization department is no longer shielded by way of screens like before and looks much more open as a result. Therefore everybody can see what is being done in this department.

blasting cabinet production process stralen efficient safe