Everyone at Wouter Witzel is highly involved.
Not just with our valves but especially with their purpose.
Making sure we meet your demands and the highest level of quality.
Our people make it happen. At every stage of the process.

Mission & Vision Wouter Witzel

Suppliers offering butterfly valves can be found all over the world. However, suppliers complementing their product offer with decades’ worth of manufacturing experience and knowhow as well as matching applications are few and far between. Wouter Witzel is one of them.

As a Dutch company established in 1966, we have been an international leader in our field for many years. We develop and produce a wide range of high quality butterfly valves and accessories. Our main goal is to provide our customers with solutions that fit both their needs and their budgets. In order to achieve this we take great efforts to know the different worlds in which our customers operate.

Constantly monitoring our markets enables us to come up with the innovations our customers need to distinguish themselves. Since 2005, being a largely independent subsidiary of worldwide valve industry conglomerate AVK Group has added even more to our knowledge base, while at the same time allowing us to further improve our service levels. Our drive for innovation and dedication to our product also explains the importance we attach to in-house engineering.

Like no other, our own engineers are capable of devising the necessary designs. As a manufacturer, we can make sure that any product design is executed in the best possible way. And finally, the wealth of expertise we have accumulated over the years makes us the partner of choice if you are looking for more than just a fine product. All in all, we aim to provide what you and your business need to succeed.