Wouter Witzel is an industrial company in Losser since 1966. More than 200 employees are working in the more than 45 years old company, with a turnover of approximately 40 million Euros per year. The company has been a family company for many years, established by the brothers Wouter Witzel and Johan Witzel. This cooperation has been ended at a certain time, and Wouter Witzel continued under his own name and launched the trademark EuroValve. In the year 2000 the American company PCC (Precision Castparts Corporation) bought the company Wouter Witzel. After five years of American leadership, the well-known Danish AVK Group bought the company from PCC in December 2005. From that time the company continued under the name Wouter Witzel EuroValve B.V..

From the drinking water sector to oil & gas, from shipbuilding to a diversity of industries: Wouter Witzel butterfly valves are used in a wide-ranging market. Its reliable products – with bores of between 50 and 2200 mm – are specifically designed and certified for the various market segments. Continuous innovation enables Wouter Witzel to respond to the ever-increasing user requirements regarding operational reliability, emissions, safety and low maintenance costs.


 1966 Wouter Witzel sets up the company for the manufacture of valves in Losser, the Netherlands.
 1978 Wouter Witzel EuroValve B.V. supplies the first ASME lll valves to nuclear power stations.
 1981 Production of the toroid profiled valve disc.
 1987 Subsidiaries opened in the UK and Germany.
 1989 Quality system certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
 1990 Production in Losser split into Unit 1 (mass production) and Unit 2 (project-based).
 1991 Production of 2,000 mm (80 inch) butterfly valves.
 2000 Takeover by PCC USA.
 2002 Start-up of Production Unit 3 – high performance range – in Losser.
 2003 New product line: Dynaxe high performance butterfly valves.
 2004 Set-up new outsourcing strategy.
 2005 Takeover by the AVK Group.
 2006 Start 5S program.
 2008 A new production factory of 3,500 m2.
 2009 Automated Flow and Pull system according to lean principles.
 2011 Introduction fully titanium casted Dynaxe high perfomance butterfly valves.
 2014 Launch of new range double eccentric high performance butterfly valves.