Warning! Fraudulent letter in circulation!

Dear Sir/Madam,

One of our customers received a letter per e-mail purportedly sent by Wouter Witzel using a fake Wouter Witzel e-mail address with the request to make a payment to an account of Sun-Power International Group Ltd. at Bank Sinopac in Taipei, Taiwan.

This letter was not sent by Wouter Witzel and represent a fraudulent attempt to elicit funds from our customers. Below you will find a sample letter of this scam including the sent e-mails. Customers should NOT provide any information nor send any funds, to any e-mail address or account as indicated in this letter and e-mails.

Further we want to inform you that a payment to this Bank Sinopac account does not release you of a payment to the standard Wouter Witzel account at the Nordea Bank.

Many thanks for your attention.

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