Happy working with our dedicated distributor partner ECS located in Mauritius.

The typical orange Wouter Witzel butterfly valves can be found all over the world and are original Dutch manufactured valves. Even on Mauritius the orange valves are now being installed in many sugar cane factories since we are working with our dedicated distributor ECS.

Since the Dutch VOC landed in 1598 the isolated Island Mauritius and named it after their city holder Maurits Graaf van Nassau, the later Prince from Orange, the circle is round after 325 years and the Island Mauritius is starting to color orange again.

In the sugar production, valves are exposed to extreme abrasive, vacuum conditions, high temperatures and high cycle frequencies.
Due to the vulcanized fusion bonded liner, we have a proven quality, high lifetime and can be used in all industrial sugar processes such as Extraction, Purification, Evaporation, Crystallization as in the Auxiliaries applications.