Wouter Witzel butterfly valves for Scrubber systems

Severe application and high demands for butterfly valves makes our product the best choice available. Scrubber systems require valves made out of high-grade materials.

Not the high grade materials are important, the quality and proven track record is important for customers to know their high value investment will function properly and the global 0.50% sulphur cap of 2020 will be met.


With more than 10 years experience in this application our butterfly valves have proven again their high quality and long lifetime functioning in these systems. Due to the reliable low torque and optimized automation functionality, these valves are the perfect solution for the high requirements in these scrubber systems.

Valves with high grade materials are available within very short lead-times due to our large stock inventory. For more information or inquiries, please send an email to Shipbuilding@wouterwitzel.nl