Wouter Witzel butterfly valves on Swedish ferries

Ordered by our Swedish customer, the Chinese Shipyard CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering Group Company Ltd. ( Formerly known as Guangzhou Shipyard International Ltd.) will build 2 cooled Liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered ferries. Wouter Witzel will supply the butterfly valves required.

The ferries will hold 1,650 passengers and connect the Swedish mainland with the island Visby. The ships will be of the ´Roll-on-roll-off’ or RoRo variety, a ship-type with 1 or more, open or coverable, horizontal decks, which makes it possible for the ferries to carry a variety of rolling cargo, like cars, trucks etc.

These LNG ships will be delivered in 2017. The shipping company and the shipyard have, during the design phase, focused efforts on creating an optimal hull with the best possible energy usage and to limit the environmental impact.

This order was, in part, realised thanks to a long and good relationship with our clients and good collaboration with our Chinese agent, China Win International Ltd,  who has been promoting our interests with this shipyard.